28 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Sterillo comes with a 28 day money-back guarantee. For terms and conditions of this guarantee, please click here.

Money Back Guarantee

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    Customer Comments

    Dorchester Collection

    I am pleased to tell you that the Sterillos have now been fitted and our gents staff toilets seem like a different place. A hand dryer that cleans the air is a great idea.

    Apart from the obvious issues associated with toilets used thousands of times a day, any space that also has the shoes and dirty uniforms from hundreds of chefs, porters etc. who all work very hard in hot conditions can be challenging. However the units have made a huge difference to the atmosphere, there are now no unpleasant odours at all.

    I was sceptical and have heard many similar sales pitches previously, but these units actually work. The dryer function is very powerful and effectively dries hands quickly.

    I will be placing orders for more Sterillos in the near future.

    Adrian Tyler
    Area Purchasing Manager

    The Dorchester
    Hix Restaraurants

    I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your team’s services with installing our new ‘Sterillo’ Hand Dryers in our restaurant. Proving to be twice as powerful as those replaced, they are certainly dependable in the context of the quality of the dryer and predicted long-term use.

    Saying this, we have also had feedback from both upper management of the company, and restaurant guests of the heightened clean smell and sanitisation from them which contributes to the overall positive feedback I'd like to pass on.

    The communication was fast and effective throughout the buying and installation project and I look forward to further purchases with the company.

    Jean-Michel Sourdrille
    General Manager

    Hix Oyster & Chop House

    I am totally convinced!

    I have the Sterillo had dryer installed in the gents toilets at my office. The drains at my offices have always been a problem & the urinals although clean, are always smelly. Not to put too finer point on it – if I leave the door & window closed for a couple of hours it begins to build & after a few days it’s rank!!

    I have done a before & after “sniff test” & believe me it works like a dream.

    Dave Rymer
    Group Manager

    Hix Oyster & Chop House